Bizzell Group Opens Atlanta Office

The Bizzell Group (Bizzell) announces the opening of its Atlanta office.  Our new location, just minutes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) campus, will enable close collaboration and rapid response to our federal clients in the southern region, including the CDC.

“Our company’s growth will provide more opportunities to expand our work portfolio and global reach through our partnerships with the CDC and other clients on issues such as infectious disease, chronic disease, birth defects, and emergency preparedness,” said Anton Bizzell, M.D., CEO of Bizzell.

With a niche in healthcare, research and communications, Bizzell is committed to advancing knowledge and expanding access to the technology and information needed to build healthy, secure, and connected communities nationally and globally.

Our portfolio includes designing and implementing IT solutions, developing evidence-based research studies and policy reports, delivering expert technical assistance and training, and producing social awareness campaigns and conferences.

Bizzell is staffed by highly experienced project directors; experts in health, mental health, and social programs; scientists; meeting  planners; and IT professionals with extensive experience supporting federal agencies and partners.

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