Elder Justice Act of 2009 : Bizzell Supporting HHS Initiative

The Bizzell Group (Bizzell) is proud of its continued success with the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services (HHS) on Administration for Community Living (ACL).

ACL was created in 2012 with the goal of maximizing the independence, well-being and health of older
adults, elders with disabilities and their families and/or caregivers by increasing access to community
supports, while focusing attention and recourses on the unique needs of older Americans and people
with disabilities.

As part of the Affordable Care Act, the Elder Justice Act of 2009 was established to preserve the rights of
older individuals and those who may not be able to protect themselves. It aims to assist in the
protection of these individuals from elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. The Administration on Aging
(AoA) has been leading efforts in protecting elders from financial exploitation (which is the leading form
of elder abuse), physical abuse, neglect, psychological abuse and sexual abuse.
Bizzell is assisting in these efforts by providing logistical support to Elder Justice Coordinating Council
Meetings. The firm provides support on pre-planning and executing all logistical requirements and
functions that are required to make this initiative a success.

“Bizzell excels in achieving and submitting their deliverables. The quality of the work has been accurate
and flawless. They are reliable, consistent and timely. Task are always submitted according to schedule.”
– Aisha Gurley, Aging Specialist for ACA.

Elders who have fallen victim to abuse have a much higher mortality rate within the next three years of
life than those who have not been victims of mistreatment. With more-than 1 in 10 people, roughly 5
million per year, ages 60 and up being a victim of elder abuse, Bizzell is proud to be a part of
an initiative to battle this exploitation. The firm looks forward to the continued success of helping our
elders and assisting HHS on Elder Justice.

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